Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI-PS


Make :-    Mahindra & Mahindra
Model:-    605 DI-PS 
Drive:-     2WD

Type:-                      DI, 4 Stroke, Diesel 
Horse power:-         52 HP 
No. of cylinders :-    4
Pump:-                     Inline 
Rated RPM:-           2100 
Cubic Capacity:-     3531


Type:-                      Mechanical Synchromesh
No. of gears :-         15F + 3R
Forward Speed:-     1.63 - 32.04 kmph 
Reverse Speed:-      3.09 - 17.23  kmph


live hydraulic pump
Pump flow:-           40 lpm

with adjustable outside check chains                           
operated with DC and PC lever
Pump type :- Gear Pump 


Lift capacity :-   2200 kg
Hitch :-               3 point , CAT II  
Pump Flow :-     40 lpm

Type:-                 Power Steering
                           Power take off                 
Type :-                 SLIPTO
PTO hp:-            44.3hp
No. of splines :-  6
PTO rpm:-         540

Type :-          Dual Diaphragm Type
Size:-                 306mm main and 280mm for PTO  

                       Cooling and cleaning        

Forced water cooled cooling system
Dry type air cleaner with clog indicator


Battery :-           12V 88AH battery
Alternator:-       2V, 35A
Starter:-            12V, 2.5kW

Type:-               Oil Immersed Multi Disk Brakes
Actuation:-       Mechanical Actuation


Front tires:-              7.5-16,    8 Ply Rating
Rear tires :-              14.9-28,  12 Ply Rating

Length:-                    3630 mm
Height:-                    2100 mm
Wheelbase:-             2145 mm
Fuel Tank:-               66 L

                        Extra Features                  

* Side Shift Gear Box

* Xtra-Torque with high displacement

High Fuel Efficiency 

* Flexible Front Axle

* 15 Forward + 3 Reverse Gearbox 

* Smooth Gear Shifting with "Guide Shift Technology"

* Unmatched lavel of Precision

* Efficient braking with 1252 cm^2 surface area and ball & ramp technology

* Comfortable operator area with Heat Free Sitting Environment .

* Economic PTO mode to save fuel 

* Air Filter with NO choke and Biggest air cleaner

* Large clutch size

* Fast Response Hydraulics 

* Longer service intervals 

* Extra mileage


Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI-PS


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Note: The data given above may be incorrect as per the changes done by the product manufacturer .